Oakwood Bread Company was born in August 2021. I had recently retired from a Remodeling and Restoration career. Interestingly enough I had been designing Kitchens for years as a cabinet designer. My back story has a few episodes working as a line cook in restaurants, and a short stint as an apprentice baker in a French Patisserie. It seems I’m destined to come full circle and once again enjoy feeding people. My adventure in baking Sourdough Breads was inspired by my oldest daughter who has a small batch Sourdough Business in Columbia SC. She encouraged me to take the dive last summer and I took the plunge. With a little starter and a couple of recipes we launched Oakwood Bread Company. It quickly took off and by the end of the holidays last year we were rolling. I have a passion for all culinary arts, but the simplicity and art of Sourdough Bread baking appeals to me most. Being a history buff, and appreciating the legacy of Sourdoughs, it’s been a satisfying experience for me.

 The nutritional value of fermented foods has been well documented now by dietitians and can be easily looked up to learn more. Oakwood Bread Company strives to create beautiful and delicious Sourdough Breads. People eat with their eyes first, and with that in mind we have developed our own branded look that  our customers can easily identify. While creative designs are one thing, the flavor has to be spot on every time. We have duplicated and created some very original recipes, and continue to explore unique and intriguing combinations of flavors that hold the interest of our customers.When ever possible we use locally grown organic ingredients in our recipes. Our Flour is King Arthur Sir Lancelot unbleached and unbromated Bread Flour. It performs and tastes consistently great. We hope you will try all of our Breads and Rolls to determine which ones become your favorites.


Don & Donna